Monday, October 18, 2010

Field Trip Time

Packed it all up and hit the road.

The prompt from class this week was to get out of the studio!

But take your supplies with you.
I went to a little pond where people come to walk their pups or just chill.. a very quiet neighborhood on a lazy Sunday.. You could hear the flops of the fish jumping for a tasty morsel on the pond's surface..

My Furry Assistant went along for the trip.. curling up in my lap while I worked, snapping at a bug here or there like a little fly trap..

I first tried playing with some soft pastels, something I haven't touched since college.. I love working with them, but the powder it puts off isn't ideal for a rental situation.. so I took advantage of being outdoors without any carpet to ruin..

For some reason I wasn't really able to Let Go, as I can in the studio. I think the nerves of the people nearby got to me.. so I tried to relax painting some trusty polkadots.. circles.. love em..

I did have one lady stop on the path infront of me and ask if she could come look.. which I thought was rather polite of her.. though I don't think she was too impressed by my circles considering the luscious view I was peering at... But I like 'em.

Overall, I believe it is certainly worth getting out of the studio once in a while, taking in the cool fall air, basking in the patches of sunlight spotting the grass..

And the quiet... oh the quiet.. that was worth it.

So, I challenge you, gather some supplies and go create outside..

Creativity involves breaking out of established patterns
in order to look at things in a different way. -- Edward de Bono

Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Paint Pushin'

A few weeks ago I made a piece that has been poking at me since..

This flower has been sitting to the side of the easel.. feeling extremely unfinished.. I had no idea where to go with it.. and it sure wasn't telling me where to go either.

So this past weekend I put it back on the easel.. and just went to 'paint pushin'..

I did have an attachment to the flower - so I was uneasy about possibly destroying how far I had gotten.. but then.. How was I to know if it couldn't get Better, if I didn't try?

So after many layers, and a rather big mess... I had something I am feeling MUCH better about now..

A little 'paint pushin' can go a long way..