Wednesday, September 29, 2010

'Rock' it out

So I spent some time playing with air drying clay. This was the first time really.

I've used Scupley before(the oven bake kind), and even took a few traditional pottery classes in college..

This stuff is super cool.. of course it probably isn't as rock hard set and sturdy as the traditional stuff.. but it IS just as fun.

Through a prompt from an online course I am taking.. I rocked out some Rocks..

Yes, you're probably thinking, just like my sweetie was.. Why would I make Rocks out of Clay?

Well.. Why not? A very non-threatening form.. making it easy to not fear 'perfection'.

I made a little family of 4 rocks. Making them all progressively smaller.

After playing with making some rocks.. I went old school.. remember rolling clay into long 'snakes'?

Well that is SO not easy. How did I do this when I was little?! My ropes did not turn out circular, moreso oval-ish. Maybe since we had weak little hands this came easier when we were little..

But after much diligence, I had enough coils to make a container.

Here are all the pieces mostly dried out:

After much deliberating.. I found a 'theme' for my rocks.. retro-ish.. well, for those who know me, that is noo surprise. I'm all about painting stuff Loud and Patterns..

However, incorporating that look into my household could use some help.. ha.

My little rock family all dolled up.. I am in love with them.. <3

This little dear will probably hold my long brushes.. since I doubt it's waterproof.. ha.

So.. go have some fun with some clay.. It's ok to be messy sometimes..

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  1. I love the bright colors. I'm visiting from Lisa's 21 Secrets' lesson. I guess I be talking to everyone in the discussion areas. See you there.