Friday, September 17, 2010

Have you heard??!

Ok - so here's my special shout out for the amazing class I am soooo excited for!

Dirty Footprints Studio has been rocking some awesome classes lately.. Personally I enjoyed rocking out BIG in Fearless Painting: BIG during the summer. And even joined in on the Art Journal Love Letters workshop and make some juicy juicy journal pages using some tips and techniques it offers.

BUT.. today..

I'm here to talk about...

Drum Roll....

21 Secrets.

What is this? Only probably the most awesome sounding oober juicy creative heart explosion out there!!

Can you tell I'm excited??

We're talking 21 Artists.. 21 Art Journaling Secrets baby!!

Where can you read more about this? Why right HERE.

Who's featured?

  1. Well the hostest with the mostest Connie from Dirty Footprints Studio, of course.. I'm sure she will have LOTS more to inspire us all as she has been doing alll freaking summer!! Wooo!
  2. There's also a few ladies I took BIG with taking on the Teacher role.. Tracie Hanson, Lisa Wilson, Lis Hofmann, Tami Chacon.. These ladies were wonderfully inspiring through BIG so I can't wait to see what they have in store for this worky shopy.
  3. And my curiousity is also with Sarah Whitmore.. whom I have been peeking at through the Yahoo Soul Journaling group..
So.. scoot your little self over to the Dirty Footprints Studio on MONDAY, Sept 20. to sign up for this feast of creativity they are unleasing on us all!!




  1. I really hope you can join us for 21 Secrets!

  2. OOOOh - so glad to see your entry!! :) I'm doing a happy little dance right now (seriously - I'm grooving as much as I can with a laptop on my lap) :) - and crossing my fingers for you!!

    much much love (and good luck wishes) :)